Shinn Resurector фойл уйнг крило

Shinn Resurector фойл уйнг крило
Shinn Resurector фойл уйнг крило
Shinn Resurector фойл уйнг крило
Shinn Resurector фойл уйнг крило
Shinn Resurector фойл уйнг крило
Shinn Resurector фойл уйнг крило
Shinn Resurector фойл уйнг крило
Shinn Resurector фойл уйнг крило
Shinn Resurector фойл уйнг крило
без ДДС: 1,499.00лв
  • Наличност: В наличност
  • Марка Shinn
  • Модел Shinn Resurector foil wing
Кредитен модул TBI Bank 19.68

Само за 147.55 лв. на месец

Фойл уйнг крилото на Shinn Resurector е с високи характеристики и с топ качество, каквото бихте очаквали от Shinn. Създадено е с фокус върху мощността, стабилността и контрол без усилие. Това е наистина всестранно фойл уйнг крило, способно да е с вас от първите ви дни във водата, през изграждането на умения и увереност във всякакви условия, ветрове, вълни и дори във въздуха.

Цена на 3м – 1499лв

Цена на 4м - 1599лв

Цена на 5м - 1699лв

Цена на 6м - 1799лв

Цена на 7м - 1899лв


Ето какво още казват колегите от Shinn.

Low end drive with control, absolute reliability when flagged and effortless ease of use no matter the situation. A wing that is stiff and responsive for pumping whilst exhibiting a progressive depower that feels totally intuitive– every feature has been carefully considered and designed allowing you to focus on your ride and not get distracted by the details.

Tested through a multitude of real-world conditions and with a representative variety of rider levels and weights this may be our first wing but it joins the market as one of the first true 2nd generation wings.

Medium aspect design with extended strut gives a stable and controllable wing with good power, fantastic upwind and effortless flagging.

Progressive tip sweep minimizes wing-tip strikes and allows for easier recovery from an inverted wing

Dual Inflation valves (plus one pump) for maximum pressure versatility and speedy packing

EVA-lined handles with no seams underneath for maximum finger comfort and extended sessions

Re-enforced handle attachements for rigorus pumping and durability

Intermediate transition handle for powered wing flying with one hand

Cross-over multi sport design SUP, Foil, Snowboard or Mountain Board

Progressive de-power to avoid nose stall during transition to the flagging handle or simply feathering the wing when riding upwind

Light but strong 5mm coiled PU leash with comfortable neoprene/velcro cuff

Intelligent window design allows safe riding whilst reducing stretch and packing without folding the window.


Construction Info:

Challenge DK50 Double Ripstop canopy is light, durable and low-stretch

KPE 175 Dacron used throughout the leading edge and strut enhancing stiffness and protecting the bladders even under high pressures

Marine grade high-visibility PVC window for long lasting visibility

Wind range for each size - table, chart:

3m                   >25 knots                    8 PSI

4m                   15-28 knots                 7 PSI

5m                   12-25 knots                 6 PSI

6m                   10-20 knots                 6 PSI

7m                   8-14 knots                  5 PSI

Package includes:

·        Resurector Wing

·        Shinn 5mm coiled Leash

·        Spacious Back Pack

·        Colour coded Canopy repair patches

·        Dacron leading edge and strut repair patch

·        PVC window repair patch

·        One pump service straps.

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